Choise of Narasoma scrub collection 45 min/Rp.120.000
Sweet almond
Red rice and white powder, Usada base, cocoa powder, cardamom, almond powder. Good for renewing the skin and removing dead skin.
Red rice powder, cinnamon, volcanic rock, pumic stone and Bali coffe. Followed by carrot conditioning. Good for removing dead skin and anti-septic.
Red and white powder, ginger, nutmeg, clover, coriander, galangal. Followed by an apllication of cucumber conditioner. Good for cold symptoms, muscle tension and creating warmth on your body.
Fresh coconut and coconut milk. Soothes dry and sunburnth skin. Followed by an application of cucumber conditioner.
Gentle touch (Salt scrub)
Sea salt, Balinese rice, Usada oil, sandalwood, jasmine, frangipani, natural aroma (flowers). Good for removing dead skin, anti-septic, reduce cellulite, aging and gives a glow to your skin. Salt crubs are a great exfoliate but is not recommended for sunburnt or sensitive skin.
Balinese Massage + Scrub 90 min/Rp.270.000
Deep Tissue Massage + Scrub 90 min/Rp.320.000